Today is officially….
12 Weeks Out From California State! @18 Weeks Out from Team U

So you know it means that this week gets kicked off with a progress photo. I have lost about a lb, putting me at a solid 139.8 on consecutive morning weigh ins, so the number is official.

I have gotten a bit leaner from last week in fact, thank God the week of grueling ass dragging paid off somewhat.

I had to up my cals as mentioned. And I feel a bit better after doing that, resting for a full day and a half, hydrating myself, and mentally focusing. I’m ready to rock this week out with new goals in mind. For me, every week, I’m going to set a challenge for myself to complete to stay motivated. And I really don’t mean physical changes, because with work that will happen, that’s just physiology and science. But actually WORK capacities that I plan to do to achieve a higher level of fitness. That’s my new approach in everything, from the way I train myself to the way I train my clients. So my goals for this week are the following:

1. Time and improve my 100m sprint. I have a goal of completing it in 19 secs or less.
2. Complete 1 outdoor hill workout this week, including tire pulls for 10 mins into 15-20 lb sledgehammer tire hits with minimal rest.
3. Do my double workout sessions 2x this week
4. Practice posing after each workout for 1/2 hour each day this week

I’m taking just a bit at a time right now because I don’t want to overwork and those will be difficult enough in itself.

I find that for me, if I don’t have an actual athletic goal attached to my work, I get bored. The body will come, so then what, you know?

I have been using my past contest photos as a guide of motivation as well. I need to beat both my conditioning and shape that I brought to the stage last season. So what I did was put together some comparisons from the last few weeks to last season to actually see my physical changes, and I was suprised to see how I have evolved in such short amount of time:

So each time I take a progress photo, I try to compare to see what’s changing and evolving and I go from there. I think I’m totally obsessed, but the plans I have in my for my goals require that kind of detail. I love this stuff, and now the GAME-IS-ON!!

Watch out.


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