Ok 6 days out! Here are the pics. 

Here is a pic of where I started prior to the diet with Erik, and after:

This is PRIOR to any peaking mind you. All I’ve done is drink 2 gallons of water over the last 2 days. No sodium cut (I’ve eaten soy sauce actually for the last 3 days in my meals lol — and plenty of sea salt which I love), cardio for about 10-15 mins max up to 3 days, carbs all the way through.

This week I’ll workout M/T/W. I’m off today (Sun). No more cardio. Just fun metabolic workouts and Olympic lifts (my fav).

Everything else is presentation prep. I bought some Protan yesterday. You know you go to a bodybuilding gym when they SELL Protan and Bikini Bite right there. I got the Protan to do a nice base, and I’m going to do a top coat of LSR. I was going to go to a tanning bed to do a base tan to even out my skin (my damn cat has scratched up my legs from when she ambushes me). But the Protan was a better option because I don’t want skin cancer lol. Don’t even want to begin the habit of bed tanning.

Otherwise, all is ready. I feel my posing has been perfected. Timing of it is good, not too slow not too fast. I have different variations in case they say they want only 2 or 3 model poses. I’m going to get my mani/pedi on Thurs. Everything is all set.

So basically I get to relax. Make sure everything is packed in my carry on. And mentally prep to get on the stage.

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