Wow, SEVEN DAYS OUT! One week. It’s all coming together. My final tweaks start on Monday. Erik’s going to be playing around day by day to give me the “play by play” of what may need to be adjusted diet wise, and I have to get in 2.5 gallons of water everyday. That alone is the real challenge for me! But I take it as my make up for not doing hours of cardio during my prep, cause that’s what it feels like! I call it, the chugg-a-thon. 

Of course you know I was peeing all night! But I woke up looking STUPENDOUS! I’m ready for this show. So ready. My weight is back up between 134.8-135. So it’s SPOT on where I wanted to be for this year. My last show I was 128.8. And I wasn’t as conditioned, probably holding water because I didn’t change or adjust anything the last week. So basically I’m up about 7 lbs!!! That’s soooo awesome. I had a great off season where I put on some size AND kept that size as I prepped. That’s an awesome cycle of prepping if you ask me.

But yeah I feel READY. I got a little bit of jitters thinking about the National level shows. Seeing so many of you guys doing the Jr USAs has made this real for me. I’m so excited for all the SC members, I feel like I know all of you like real life friends. It’s cool to really want to see shows where you are rooting for several competitors whose journies you’ve followed. And to see you all succeed no matter what your placing is really motivating. My nerves about the National level came not out of whether I’m ready, I feel I am and will be, but more of there will be people watching and rooting for me, and it being covered by all the major fitness/bodybuilding publications/sites etc. People will see you, and know you, and you want to do well. That’s AWESOME, and scary! But I keep reminding myself I’ve been there before with the arts world so it’s no different. It’s like doing a solo in a dance show, or a lead in an acting role. Like Beyonce, I like to morph into my alter ego stage presence and her name is Foxie Roxie, lol. 

I had the MOST incredible workout at the gym. Not because of anything I was doing per se. But more because I got such a good sense of being a part of the whole Gold’s environment. It’s crazy because as I mentioned I joined in January. I definitely feel people watching me when I train, particularly seeing how my body has dramatically changed over the last few months. That and I train like an animal, you don’t see too many women training with power training, oly lifts, heavy functional training, metabolic circuits, etc. Yesterday I met this AMAZING spitfire gal named Christina who has an amazingly solid body (like girl should consider women’s physique because she would be perfect, she doesn’t even compete). She’s a powerlifter! And she can throw up some serious olympic lifts. I’ve been learning them as well and they are a major part of my training. So we talked a bit, and she said I can use her female bar and weights etc whenever I want (when she’s in the gym, she locks them up because someone stole her $1000 high end oly bar). Gold’s has a platform for lifts. So as I was on my own by the squat rack lifting, someone calls my name from the upper level cardio deck. It was this trainer who is a coach, athletic coach, and he gave me tips on my form for the power cleans I was doing. He was coaching me too from the deck correcting my form etc. I FINALLY got it right and it felt good! So we’re going to do a few sessions after the show. He’s giving me a huge discount as well for training, so that’s great! LOL, now I REALLY get to train like Erin Stern!

As I was leaving the gym yesterday, Charles Glass asks me how everything’s going, how I’m feeling going into the show etc. He’s been awesome, he gives me a little chant when he see’s me working out. He says “Roxie! Roxie! Roxie!” makes me laugh everytime. He’ll be at the show. Hide Yamagishi will be there. His trainer Eric DiLaurio (Jay Cutler’s trainer) will be there. Various others will be there. People I know will be there. I mean I feel like I’m under some PRESSURE in a good way, but pressure nonetheless! It’s different when you go to a show and your family and friends are there to watch, but when you’ve got some names in the sport who know you, see you daily, see you train, see you trying to get it together as best as you can, and possibly see you as someone who may do well, then it takes this whole thing to a new level. This is going to be a big show. It’s a state show. I know the competition will be steep, and it will be tough, and I just want to bring my best. Of course we all want to be rewarded. I want that class win, I’ve visualized it, and it was the undercurrent to everything I did in the gym to prep. But that’s out of my hands. I just know that I’ve done my best, hope to come away on top and start my season going into the National level mentally strong. I’m doing everything in my power to be sure my presentation and energy is up to par with the body I’m bringing to the stage. I’m really excited to do this show because it’s paired with The California State Pro Figure. My goal for this show is to step on that stage and to look and present like one of the pro girls. So if anything, the judges can say, yeah, this girl is on her way to that, she looks like them. That was my goal in actuality. And I think I’m on track for that.

So here goes to my final week of prep. The work is done. There’s nothing more I can do in the gym to really have a huge impact on my final presentation. My body is exactly where I want it to be. So I now leave the final tweaks to Erik. My responsibility for this week is to go HARD with my posing and presentation. Time to focus, and get this on and poppin.

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