Back to the grind! This morning, 136.4, only 4 lbs or so heavier than when I stepped on stage. This of course is without getting in all my water, and the last few days of my TOM. I am very happy to say, that the week break was a huge success! No major weight gain. This is right on track with where I was this time about a month ago with just about 4 weeks out from my last show. Actually I’m quite a bit tighter so that’s a very good thing!

So now the major work is going on. I’m going to streamline my physique even more for Team U. Probably bring down my size just a little bit, pefect posing, and I think I will have a pretty strong presentation with those tweaks. I’m planning on keeping my conditioning pretty similar. No one complained about that. I saw the scorecards from the Cals, and I had gotten 1’s across the board with every judge. So I’m spot on. What I need to ensure in that the posing isn’t tense so I’m not flexed, which would further accentuate my size and muscularity. Easy but not lol. But I’ll kill it. I’m going into the posing room at Gold’s today, spending an hour or so in there just working meticulously on that. Particularly my front pose, what the !@#!$#! was going on there?!?!  .

I never even practiced posing like that so, whatever let’s pretend that pic doesn’t exist.

Anyways. I hit some AM cardio, just 20 minutes. Outdoor run with a stair/hill climb. My HEART was burning like a mofo. But I felt great after. Now time for meal #1 and then it’s off to the gym. I designed a program that I call the “Super Back, Boulder Shoulder, Bionic Bi Strength Workout” and it goes something like this:

Dynamic Warm-up and Foam Rolling first (a good 10-mins there)

Giant Set #1:
Double Arm Kettlebell Swing w/ 1/2 Turn
DB Bent Over Row w/ Lateral walking
Single Arm Olympic Bar Deadlift
45# Plate x2 – Farmer’s Walk (4ft distance and back to start – 8ft total)
60 sec rest –> Repeat for 4 sets

Giant Set #2:
Double Kettlebell Cleans
Swinging Bicep Curl w/ Front Step
Cable Spidermans!!! (love this one — Check out the video below to see a version of this, great power/stabilization move. I however do mine with a simple lateral hop/land, he’s doing a highly advanced version hopping onto a bench)
Pike (or 1/2 handstand) Shoulder Press
Bicep Curl w/ Lateral Cable Walk

I will shoot some videos of the workout and share it. Woohoo. I’m feeling grrrreaaat! Operation Team Universe Day 2 has begun! 31 days remaining! I’m looking forward to bringing my best package yet!


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