I was bored today… But hey now, check this ish out!

Me at the Cals, Erin at the 2011 Arnolds

My front pose, yeah yeah, leave me alone, we’ve already discussed this. But I think I was actually FALLING over and trying not to trip here. lol 

The angles are a little different, but you get the point.

I went crying to Erik that I thought I was a behemouth next to the other girls at the NQs I’ve done and was worried about the national level shows. I realize though that I have the same muscularity as some of the pros. Um but yeah, OMG that’s Erin Stern… I love her. I must seem like a stalker comparing myself to her, lol.  But seriously when I workout, I imagine myself next to her on stage and how I would stack up.

He told me I’m fine, and we both agree that working on downplaying my front and back pose will do the trick. I’ll be working with Victor tomorrow on just that.

But hey now!!! I think I can hang with Erin!  

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