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Off Season Lean Bulk Training Update: Switching Gears – 4 Weeks Of Fat Loss

In the process of following an off season, IMO it’s important to keep your overall objective in mind, and constantly reevaluate where you are in order to come out successful in the end. I tend to take a more unorthodox approach to my off season, even with my own clients as […]

Dealing Openly With Putting On Size And How It’s Mentally Effecting Me

My mind has been toiling so much over the last few weeks. And it’s been running like a cylinder since standing around pumping up backstage at the Olympia. I guess this is really the first time I’m taking a step to openly and honestly talk about what’s going on in […]

My Specialized Approach For Accelerated Growth: Back and Shoulders (Non Member Content)

So I’m the type that is SUPER obsessed with training protocols and program design. I’ve never really been able to just “wing it” in the gym. That probably accounts for the reason as to why my progress seems to come so quickly. I really feel that failing to plan IS planning […]

From The Notebook: Hip Dominant Legs – Glutes and Hams – Oct 6, 2014

I gotta say that I REALLY love this workout. I leave the gym feeling pretty spent, and feeling that in the days after like I’ve really done something good in the gym. Now, keep in mind that this workout is more about total volume and just really giving your ALL […]

Training Tips – Leg Workout, Volume Training, and Getting The Most Out of Your Leg Program (Non Member Content)

Today’s blog post is really all about the legs. I’ve always been lucky in that for me, legs are a pretty dominant muscle on me. But that’s not to say that I didn’t have to work to develop them all the same. While my quads are glutes have always been […]

Progress Photos: October 11, 2014 – Off Season: 174.6 Pounds and Starting IGF1 LR3

Things are moving along very well for me, and I’m really pleased with where I am currently. My weight is up considerably post Olympia. I was around 147 on stage, 3 weeks later I’m at 174.6. Now I’ve got to admit, my diet hasn’t been the best post show. Lots […]