29 Days Out. And I feel ready.

I did a quick posing video, check it out it’s pretty short.

My focus for the last few weeks has been to really keep my shape streamlined, and to just increase the density in my shoulders/back to balance out my lower body. Right now I’m a bit heavier than I was on show day at TOC, but not by too much particularly after I hit peak week. I think that I like this fuller shape though, I’m not as small as I was at TOC, I’m curvier yet not as thick and big looking like I was at Team U.

I’ll do some progress photos this weekend as I normally do them on Sundays.

Workouts have been kicked up a notch. I’m only doing 3 days a week in the gym. 1 high volume day, 1 Power/Endurance Mixed Day, 1 strength low volume day. Mon, Wed, Fri respectively.

I run outdoors on Tues and Friday AM for about 30 mins. Ballet on Thurs, Fri evening. Occassionally I’ll do Sunday if I wake up, if not I rest.

Yesterday I felt like going crazy and shocking my body. I did this 2 hour workout with a weight vest. Started with a Kettlebell circuit that ended in plyo push ups and a 1 minute sprint on the treadmill. 4 Sets. Then some Olympic lifts w/ the weight vest and some jump sequences still with the vest on. Then rocked out a 3 exercise back power endurance circuit (still w/ the vest on lol). 4 sets. Finished with a 15 min duration run w/ weighted vest on treadmill.


Mid workout I had some Gatorade to up carbs so that I can keep my energy up. Prior to I had a nice mix of protein and carbs. After protein shake. I feel GREAT today, a little sore in areas, but damn good. I think I’ll do it again next week. Definitely not something to do daily, but a nice hard HARD push for once a week. Feels like an athletic event. In fact, I think I may have had quite an audience yesterday lol. Next week I’ll record it and share the workout.

I love my weight vest. I just use a 10 lb one because for that kind of duration of a workout, anything more would have killed me.


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