There’s something about being 5 weeks out from a show. It’s like, there’s time but there’s no time. It’s down to the wire and crunch time. If you’re already halfway to the end, it’s kinda smooth sailing. After 3 shows already, I never came out of being within 5-7 lbs of my stage weight. So now with 5 weeks out, getting down to stage fierce will be not so hard.

In looking at my physique, I’m really pleased with where I am. I’m a lot fuller and will be this show. My back and shoulders really came up and balances out my lower body. My legs are still streamlined but to me have a nice roundness/density to them. Funny thing about my body is that genetically my legs are my strongest asset (and my butt, it’s pretty awesome lol). So I never really have to worry about “building” much of anything down there, just being sure it’s all nice and tight. My upper body is my weakness and I have to work hard to really bring up the shape of the back and shoulders. But again, I’m pleased with what I’ve been able to carve out this year physically. It’s a completely evolved shape from last year. So in any case, over my last cheat meal for the next 5 weeks, last night I carved out my game plan.

Since my only goal right now is conditioning and holding onto size, my diet is changing around quiet a bit. I’m coming off of the CKD, and I’ll be upping carbs a bit. I’ll be sticking around 95-150g on most days. Days where I’ll be training will be higher, days where I will be sitting on my ass not training (with weights), will be less. Proteins and fats will remain pretty constant. I normally stick to around 50-55g of fat on any given day (when not on a ketogenic diet of sorts – CKD TKD etc) depending on amout of carbs in my plan and caloric levels I need to be at. Protein also will flux depending on carbs, training, and caloric level for that day.

Training is going to switch up once again. For me running and dance is what really brings me in, so both will become a greater portion of this equation.

Weight Training:
Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
These days will mostly focus on upper body/total body training. I will be mixing it up to hit mostly a lot of strength and some power training. A few metabolic circuits thrown in the mix as well. But I’m really trying to maintain this shape and size I’ve got going on. Don’t want to lose that.

AM Run (30-40 mins)
Tuesday and Thursday
If the weather is inclimate I’ll hit cardio indoors instead.

Ballet Class
Thursday, Friday, and Sunday (optional day)

So I’ll essentially will be doing SOME kind of activity each day, but some of the stuff is more intense than the others for me personally. Like the ballet classes to me are like enjoyable workouts, and if I’m tired, then I won’t do Sunday which is usually an off day for me. The dance classes are the one variable that can be taken out as dictated by my energy levels.

So that’s the plan. A plan I’m actually looking forward to. I think me being so close to contest weight and being more than 6 weeks out from a show kinda starts to urk me. I mean when you can be down to your stage weight (not that it matters just a marker lol) in like 3-4 weeks, it kinda gives you the thought of well WTF will I do the rest of the time. So for me, in my question to RoxStar Physical Perfection, I’ve got to really put my patience hat on and allow myself to be more lax earlier on in my prep, and then kick it in to tighten up the loose ends during the final weeks. At least that’s what I had to do this prep since prep for each show is so different as you will be in different physical (not dieted, dieted, bloated from post contest celebration but still on track, lol etc) and mental states. And this is an observation for me when I’m at a stage where I’d already hit the stage several times during the season and the need to really give myself a full 12-16 weeks isn’t necessary. What I like about this current plan is that I think for me it will get me nice and tight without being over conditioned or having that overdieted look from multiple shows during the year.

So anyways, so yeah like I am really READY to reel this baby in. I’ll do progress photos tomorrow. I’m retaining just a little water from my Thai food meal yesterday! Panang curry, rice, and a spring roll. YUUUUMMMM!!

Alas, it’s time to buckle down. It’s all about me. I ain’t worried about what nobody else says, my focus, to bring my best yet.

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