The shoot did go well! Very well! 

These are just a few that he finished tonight. I have a few more coming my way tomorrow. There is an amazing silhouette series that we did that is just stunning. Very excited about these. The goal for this shoot for me was to showcase my physique in a very soft and feminine way. I wanted to also do something that was sort of dance inspired. I think we pulled it off. It’s not a traditional fitness shoot per se, but when I shoot I’ve got to think more on the commercial end of the scope as well. In any case, it was SUCH an amazing day. There were blue whales in the ocean, the beach was so picture perfect. When we were walking back to our cars when we finished there was a BOBCAT that actually walked right passed us! I was more concerned with finding water than eating people thankfully. I was scared to death lol. But it was kind of cool to be SOO close to an actual wild bobcat.

Oooh a day in the life of Rox.

Anyways, more to come tomorrow!

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