Ok so everything is ALL SET! Got my hotel, my flight, my rental car, and I’ll be sending off my entry tomorrow as soon as my lazy ass gets to a printer to print it out. So there’s no turning back. Roxie in going IN for Nats.

I have some mixed feelings. I’ve got my eyes on the prize and I’m ready to really present a totally different look than Team Universe. I want to take my physique to the next level and really do myself some justice. I have a lot on my plate, but nothing I can’t handle. 

I took some time off since TOC. I cut out workouts, except for a ballet class, and some heavy back/shoulder workouts. No cardio or high volume workouts. I ATE!! Took some time off the diet to be normal. Had some cheesecake (like 3 huge slices from Cheesecake Factory — within 10 days not the same day), Thai food, Sushi (which I have anyway during prep but this time had the chef make NO adjustments for the sake of compliance lol), burger and fries (after prejudging YEAH! Came in nice and full for the night show, SUCH a keeper lol), and just regular food. It was really fun to watch the scale jump up and then down and then up and then down. At the end of the day, on show day after depleting and upping water etc I was 128. At the end of the 10 days I was 137. As of today I’m 135 after starting back since Sunday. I’m also due to get my period either today or tomorrow so I really won’t be able to see “where I am” until after it’s over. But there’s a difference in my body, and it’s not in body fat. I feel fuller.

9/22/11 (Left) and 9/9/11 (Right)

The two pics, one was today, and the one where I’m darker is the night before TOC with my tanner on (and the end of my peak week). First off what I’ve noticed for the last few days is that my waist looks smaller in general. I had to go back and take the pics again to make sure that I’m not crazy. And my shoulders are fuller. I’ve shortened the line of my arms at the elbows to give a more rounded shape to the arms, but even when I didn’t do that, my shoulders were still fuller. My butt is bigger, lol, hey I don’t mind that, but that’s where I tend to hold my BF as well, so we all know where it went. Good news is the that my glute/ham tie in area is still tight, and I can still see the seperation of my hams/adductors/glutes so it ain’t too bad. Just holding a little water (well let’s get to the fact that I’ve been seriously lacking in my water drinking department).

Anyways, so the starting point aint too bad. I think I like this shape, so now time to whittle it down a bit more without getting too flat. The one change that I’ve implimented as of late is more of a CKD approach. My carbs start at 100g Mon then by Friday and Sat, I’m only at 50g. Sunday is a huge refeed with 260g. I don’t want to get smaller in MUSCULAR size anymore, I think I’ve lost enough from the last prep as was my goal. But I want to just get the body fat lower and then get the water out by the last week. So it should leave me with a nicer fuller and curvier look. I like how I looked for the TOC, but I want to maintain fullness. I’m feeling good. A little tired because I’m working a lot, and have some stuff cooking up over here that’s keeping me busy. But I just need to sleep a little more and I’ll be ok.

Workouts have been adjusted as well. Pretty much I’m not doing cardio yet. I’ll be doing dance classes on Friday and Sunday (ballet), my HR gets all the way up to 168 BPM at various points in class so for 90 mins that’s more than enough! And I love it, it makes me feel longer and lengthens me out, it shapes my body in a way that weight training just never will. Starting next week, I’ll resume my morning run (1.8 miles) which takes about 20-25 mins or so depending on my pace. It’s all hills outdoors, so the terrain change, the altitude, etc really challenge me, I maintain my HR well over 150 BPM with that so it’s AWESOME. I’ll do that on Tuesdays. So that’s 3 days of cardiovasular activity. Enough for now. I don’t want my body relying on cardio essentially as the catalyst for change. My weight training is 5 days. 3 days of depletion type of high volume (300 reps approx) to ultra high volume (500-1000 rep full body multijointed exercises) maintaining my HR well above 150 BPM for the circuits, 2 days of rest, one day of low volume strength, and a day of power/strength for the upper body. 

So basically I’m kicking my own ass! And I really love it. My goal for this prep is a nice tight and tiny waist, nice round shoulders (something I felt was lacking at TOC), and keep my legs super streamlined.

After watching the Olympia this weekend I feel really encouraged. The top figure women all had some really nice amount of muscle. And for some reason I feel like it’s kinda being beat into the local/national level that this is a bad thing. Fuck that it’s not! When I’ve talked to a few girls who have turned pro this year an interesting thing that some have said is that they’ve been told they need more muscle for the pro level. So hell whatever happens, I’m learning how to EMBRACE this physique I have, not try to strip too much off my frame which I feel has a nice good base to evolve from, and to just bring the best streamlined and refined package based on MY genetics and not try to fit into a mold (nor drive myself crazy for that mold). Judges are going to either love my physique or hate it, oh well, I am who I am, and I’m proud of that.

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