Hey guys thanks so much for all your comments. I’ve been sorta under the radar focusing on business, prep, and a few other things. I may have picked up a new sponsor along the road, so some good things are in the works. Anyways, you know I wouldn’t be posting without having some progress to show, so let’s get down to it.

8 weeks and 2 days out, snapped just a few minutes ago. It’s refeed day, so you know what that means! Time to fill up the gas tank. 

I did wake up particularly drained like a mofo today. It made me think of something Crystol said in a post, in prep you’re always teetering on that brink of overtraining. I mean training like a madwoman in the face of caloric deficits isn’t for the faint at heart. Funny thing, I never feel like I’m doing “too much” however I am fully aware that I’m demanding my body to do things it so isn’t designed to do… Get lean as all hell, lol. But I kind of get off on the physiological trickery one can do when you know what the science behind it all is, and hold in your hands the tools to mold your body into whatever the hell you want it to be… Without killing yourself.


Let’s talk about what’s been going on training wise. I’ve been doing a double workout split on Monday and Tuesday. And I do that for the sake of just getting in all the work I want to for the week, without having to be in the gym for hours, and without training everyday of the week. So in the AM I prefer to do my metabolic circuits. I feel like I have more energy to kill it, then as I’m eating throughout the day, I have what I need to get a great pump at night and train heavy. So the PM has been Back/Biceps on Mondays, Tuesday Chest/Abs. Wed I took off last week, but this week I did high volume legs/plyos in the mix. Today I will hit heavy shoulders/bi’s/tri’s. Friday off, Saturday Power/Oly lifts. Sun off. Cardio has been 15 mins HIIT post workout in the AM Monday and Tues. Mon/Tues evening about 20 mins steady state w/ HR about 150 BPM. Wed (yesterday) 10 mins HIIT post workout. Likely no more cardio this week. What I love most is that my endurance is out of control up there.  I’ve been running at speeds of 10-11 MPH on the treadmill, so my VO2 Max is definitely increasing, and my ability in general to run longer w/o getting winded in def improving. Proved this the other day as I ran about 2 blocks btw Starbucks and the Gym lol. 

Which leads to a funny story. The other day I was working out at Equinox and a trainer walks up to another trainer and ask “hey so what is VO2 max?” And he said “well basically it’s how well your heart is pumping blood during your workouts.”  REALLLYYYYYYYYYYY!?!?!

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