And I cannot stress how excited I am! The last 2 weeks have just been me honing in on my body, tightening things up, making last minute fits and preps on my posing suit, picking up the jewelry I’d be wearing, and posing ad naseum!

I’m so excited it’s all finally here. The last 12 weeks has been an interesting journey. I’m lean, vascular, strong, sleek, sexy, I love the way my body looks. Even with my tough scrutinizing eyes. There’s something you always want to improve, something you want to do better. But when it comes down to it, the last week, you are where you will be.

Everyday, I’ve visualized what I would do on stage. Visualization is a powerful thing. I admit I had some nervous energy around Friday, 8 days out. Nervous that D-Day is right around the corner. I chose to hone that energy positively though, and put it into my workouts.

My eating this last week is the hardest! My gosh for some reason I just read on my Twitter feed that someone is going to order a pizza, and now I want one too, lol. You know, I don’t have any crazy cravings or need to binge and eat everything in sight post contest. I feel like I’ve allowed myself enough variety and sanity, focused on my macros, and still got amazing changes. But this week, I’m erring on the side of low carb cycling (50-100g) throughout this week. My water will remain the same, as will my sodium. I do know that after the show, I will DEFINITELY be having Thai Food and a glass of wine! Then I’m immediately going into a cycle to up my macros just a bit to jumpstart my metabolism, and then it’s back on to prep for the Eastern USAs (Oct 9th).  LOL, I know, but I’ll be in NYC and my fam will see me on stage as opposed to the fact that none of them will see me here in LA. I’m looking forward to it too!

Another event happened, I turned 31! I look hotter at 31 than I did at 21, GO FIGURE!

Anyways, so the rest of this week, I’m just chillin.  Getting in easy workouts, little bit of cardio (lol I hardly spent that much time doing cardio this prep, I literally had to adjust that because I can get super lean in no time), mani/pedi, put on my Liquid Sun Rayz Tan on Thurs (1 coat) and Fri (2nd Coat) w/ touch ups as needed on Sat.

5 days out and counting! Let’s rock this ish!


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