I’m feeling my workout from yesterday!  I love that subtle soreness. Worked just enough to produce some change, transformation, and growth. But not enough to injure me or to keep me from being productive the next day.

Today’s going to be quite a squeeze. I’m on my way to an agent’s meeting as I’m looking for a new film/tv/commercial agent. Then errands, and then the gym, then teach my boot camp, and then the gym again… WHEEEEEEWWWW! I’m so mad because I made a return of something to GNC and they ended up giving me the product back that I returned! Grrrrr. So now I have to go back and get the product I was supposed to have exchanged for. I wish these sales associates would pay more attention. I didn’t notice it until AFTER the fact. I can totally go off because I have a temper but I’ve decided to remain calm. There are other battles in this world to fight.

In any case, gotta finish blowing out my hair and making myself look fabulous, lol. Hope all goes well with this meeting, I like this agency and the head agent. Anyways all, carpe diem!

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