I had been feeling a little tired the last few days. But have stayed consistent. I ate a little more than I would usually, lol.  Had some jasmine rice today and yesterday (and I snuck a peanut butter cup, lol). But I’ve been killing the cardio lately so really I’m not too worried. My workouts lately have doubled up. Session 1 in the morning, roughly 2 hours, session 2 in the evening, similar. My caloric expenditure is through the roof. Why? I think because I feel obliged, like others do it, so I must. Which is the dumbest mentality ever. Really I think I’m just biding time. I have 3 weeks left, I feel ready to get on stage. And what I’ve noticed about my body is that, I am essentially physically where I need to be. This is a HUGE relief because I don’t have to worry to much about final week hocus pocus (water/carb/salt manipulation) and I can come in ready to rock and roll confidently. That was the plan all along, I really don’t want to have to drive myself crazy with trial and error and risk messing up my progress. Don’t want to be flat or dry, just full and with separation. Know what I mean? I am over then next 3 weeks going to cut out bread/rice for the rest of the 3 weeks and keep my carbs to the ones found in my veggies, I’m going to throw yams back in the mix, and the milk from my protein shakes. Remember, gotta have the milk, lol. Sorry ain’t giving that one up. I’m a genetic anomaly, I get lean very quickly, I’m naturally very lean with good muscular density, so if I don’t actually eat, I will get too thin and dry.

My focus over the next 3 weeks I also notice is just presentation. Today I worked on presentation/walks/mandatory poses/individual poses for 1.5 hours. Yesterday, 1 hour. Tomorrow, the same. This is becoming as routine as my training. I will practice everyday that I’m in the gym. I just throw my heels in the bag. I always wear a halter top or bikini under my tshirt so I can remove my top and see my body. In any case, compulsory practice like this just helps me to build my confidence even more and make sure that I KNOW EXACTLY what each position looks like and I can clearly see what I need to do to enhance my figure. I’ve been watching posing videos ad nauseum. I’ve also been watching all kinds of shows online, mostly the IFBB shows especially ones of my fav competitors. The thing that separates them from the rest is their poise and confidence. Their grace places an amazing icing on the cake. That’s what I strive for.

This journey is the start of an exciting new leaf for me. I plan to take the ride all the way to the top. When you claim it, it will be yours. I’m claiming it, so be it.

Good night.

Video this week… Stay tuned.

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