So my workouts have been coming along. The last 3 weeks are the hardest. I mean I feel like I’m sailing into the show these final weeks. I don’t have any problem areas I need to work on per se. I’m lean, everything is pretty balanced. Suit is ready to go. Hair will be done day of with some curls (I look crazy in the video, pay me no mind, lol), make-up will be done and fab. Tanning is the next thing. I think I’m going to settle on Liquid Sun Rayz, and have my boy toy (one of them, lol… TMI) help me with that. Put him to good use for a change.  So now I’m just left keeping everything constant, sticking to the diet (fcuking diet) and exercise up. I find that I need more naps, lol. Luckily I have the liberty to take them when needed. But I’m spending time upon time in the gym. I’ll do my workout, which will take about 2 hours per session (I’m doing 2 rounds a day now, just because I really enjoy it) and after each of those sessions, I’m in the studio for an hour working on posing. So essentially, I’m posing and walking for 2 hours a day. So that’s now about 10 hours a week of working on presentation. Yep, 10 hours a week of posing.

Needless to say, my posing has greatly improved. I have found so many videos online, coaching videos, that talk about the proper way to do things. How to hit that hard lat spread, what standing front should be, standing side. How to properly quarter turn. Individual poses. The internet is an incredible resource. I actually laugh at my old videos because I look like a fcuking retard, lol. Why didn’t you guys warn me, Rox you look freakin stupid, lol. Ok not stupid, I’ve seen some CRAZY ass shyt out there when it comes to posing practice videos that women have recorded, so I actually was very good. But I had a lot to work on to grow. Anyways what was FASCINATING was that in the video, you can CLEARLY see how much my body has changed in 3 weeks alone! It’s mind blowing. I’m gonna extract the portion of the video that shows that and show it to all of my clients and show them what discipline and keeping sight of their goals can do for them.  It’s funny because we see ourselves in the mirror everyday so you don’t notice the changes yourself per se. You see the little things, but the overall picture can be blurred. And of course I know this, I tell this to everyone I work with, that’s why I’m big on progress photos and videos as well. 

Well anyhow as I have said, I’m still here, driving it home to the finish line. Gooooooooosh damn it I want some popcorn and every fcukin time I look at that stupid POPCORN icon () it drives me freakin nuts!

Carb crazies anyone?  I’m headed to the gym. Carpe diem.

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