Ok so in 40 mins it will officially be ONE DAY OUT!!!

And I am sitting here basking in the glow of my AMAZING LIQUID SUN RAYZ TAN. I applied one coat this evening (Thurs), and will shower/rinse off in the morning, and then do another coat Friday night. This stuff is SO AMAZING. I’m a nice deep rich mahagony chocolate brown. The color I love to be when I tan w/ the sun. I may have to wear this more often lol.

My best friend helped me to put it on, we used a Misto spray can and the sponge. It was so easy.

I decided this week to do a mini depletion. Spent a lot of time researching this very topic for the last 12 weeks, and I decided that I would like to come in just a little crisper. So I did a mini carb deplete for a few days, then Wed I cut my carbs back to a low range, stayed there for Thurs, and same for Friday. I’ve been watering up like CRAZY. The lines in my body are getting crisper and clearer as each hour passes. I’m pleased. The diet changes that I made are not drastic at all, so it’s a simple depletion version that works for my body well.

Anyways, I’m SO tired, woke up hella early this morning. I’m craving coffee right now for some odd reason (at 11:30 at night ).

I’m off to bed. Can’t wait to meet some of the other competitors at check-in tomorrow.


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