2010 NPC Tournament of Champions 2nd Place E Class – Nationally Qualified NPC Figure Competitor

Ok words cannot describe how AMAZING my first show was. All of my hard work, all of my effort, 12 weeks of no bread, wine, burgers, Thai Food, Chinese, endless breasts of chicken, salmon, brown rice, green veggies and complete WATER LOGGING of myself has led me to claim a small victory.

TOC was a national qualifier, so since I came in second in my class I’m qualified to go on to Nationals!! In looking at the pics, the girl who placed 1st was smaller, not as musclar as I. She’s won a few shows as well, and looked awesome so big ups to her . I’m proud of what I brought to the show so I’m not gonna change a thing for now. I think on the National stage I may fare better because it seems more Nat and Pro girls are more of my size and shape. Before I make any changes, I will do one show and see what the judges say and then go from there. So in Oct I have The Eastern USAs in NYC, then I may decide to take a break and not do the Excalibur out here in Los Angeles in Dec. Then 2011 will be prepping for the National stage! I soooo ready, let the journey begin! 

Oh yes, aaaaand I met one of our Sioux Sisters, Traci (TRACI0125), and I cannot stress how STUNNING she is. She looked really awesome in this royal blue suit, and she is as sweet as pie. Her husband was really awesome too. Can’t wait to catch her on the circuit again, she’s going to do very well. Good luck to her in Oct . We have shows on the same date!

Pichaaaaa time!

 – 1st Place winner on my left.

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