Revvvv up the engines folks, Roxie is cruisin into the Eastern USAs. 2.5 weeks out and I’m exactly where I’d like to be for the show. So basically I just need to maintain, and keep my same program going. My legs have come in really well. I’ve been focusing on posing more as well, tweaking what I now can see are better angles for presenting my body. Posing is a real art, and I just love practicing. It kinda takes me back to my dancing days (hehe which by the way I got chewed out by my agent for not having shots in the office, I just missed out on a private/agency dancers only audition for Usher’s tour. You know what, I don’t even care, this for me further proves my dedication to figure and my growth as far as goals and where I want my future to head. That was a HUGE moment for me. I realize now I am done dancing professionally and on to the next phase of life and career). I digress. So posing for me is that amazing physical connection of finding the lines that work well for YOUR personal shape and muscularity. I respect how long you have to actually dedicate yourself to doing it, and doing it right. To watch the pros on stage in action, is almost like seeing choreography. I love it.

I’ve been pretty much posing daily. For a few minutes at a time. I grab my video camera and do quarter turns and work on my model turns. At the gym my heels stay in my bag, after my workout, I hit the studio and practice walking. Traversing across the room from left to right, diagonally… Facing away from the mirror, facing toward it. LOL this lady said I’m as graceful as a gazelle in my heels, she was in awe, lol. Yesss, mission accomplished (“mission don’t fall on my ass”).

This is going to be an interesting show. I’ve gotta pack all my crap and have clothes for a week in NY. So if I leave anything here in LA, I’m screwed. Gotta make my list of needed things, and make sure to start gathering stuff. I’m having a little practice for the shows I’ll be travelling to next year, lol. 

Anyways… Yesterday while doing my cardio, I realized how I was actually LOVING my prep. I haven’t resorted to any crazy methods. I almost worked with this trainer at one of the gyms I frequent. He trained this girl for a show out here, and before I knew anything about the industry truly, I was considering training with him. He had her doing 2 hours of cardio a day, crazy workouts, crazy diet. When I saw her body one day, a few days before her show, in her posing suit I vowed THEN AND THERE that I would never compete. She just didn’t look good to me. Boobs were GONE, she was kinda too thin and hard. She’s in her mid 30s, but her face was kinda sunken in. But I thought, well that’s the look they must want. When I heard she placed last out of all the women (I think there were 6 in her class) I was like, yikes I wonder why, she was so lean. Then she did another show and placed 2nd to last. And then she quit competing. When I started to get the bug again, I looked her photos up. Her suits were terrible colors for her, her tan needed to probably be a little darker, her hair and make-up were non-existant, she was TOO TOO HARD and dry, her posing wasn’t strong. Her presentation got her placed low. Her body wasn’t that bad actually, she was just way too dry, if she put on just a little more bf she would actually have some good potential. But even still nothing can make up for terrible presentation. This was a lesson learned for me by looking from the outside in. I know where I DON’T want to be.

My prep has involved sane eating. I’ve had what some call “cheats.” I’ll admit it here, on my high carb/cals day I’ve had low fat ice-cream . I’ve eaten burgers (made myself) sometimes on a small scooped out bun, or just the meat itself with a side of veggies or salad or mashed yams , and not just once….  A few times, lol. Not excessive, just enough to a.) kill a craving, b.) not go mentally crazy to the point that post contest all I want to do is binge, c.) cycle in days of higher macros and cals where appropriate to keep my body on track and to avoid burn out. It’s the only way I’ve been able to diet for nearly 4 months and NOT go insane. And I already have my plan in place to take me through to the last show that I will do this year in Dec. However, biofeedback is an important thing, so the specifics of how I will shape that diet and maintain the health of my body will be figured out as the days/weeks go by. Cardio has been SANE. For me, I fuckin hate sitting on machines. So I break up my cardio over 30 mins (sometimes if I feel like it I’ll do 40 mins out of desire to just do it), on 2-3 machines w/ HIIT. Some people agree with this way of working, some don’t. However it’s what works for me. And since I’m not training for a marathon or endurance sports, I don’t care about sticking to the same machine the whole time as long as the transition doesn’t take too long, and I’m quick about getting the next leg of cardio started. The result for me has been tremendous change without killing myself. My approach for weights, the same thing. Take a look at what needs to be fixed/improved upon etc, train for FUNCTIONALITY and long term benefits, not just the short term physical state, and see amazing results without straining or injuring myself.

Everyday has been another triumph to add to my belt notch. And as each day grows nearer to the contest date I get more and more excited. I can hardly contain my excitement of being on that stage again, ready to show my best. And at the end of the day, that’s all that matters to me. If I continually present my best, one day, it will be well rewarded.

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