So I decided that working with the potential client who wanted me to travel to her wasn’t for me. She needs someone in Downtown LA and I NEVER go there. It’s about 10 min from my home – up to 40 mins in traffic – but way too much of a hassle trying to schlep around BTW there and West LA. Besides I really love the location I’m at and really prefer conducting business there. But all’s not lost, yesterday I had 2 women join my boot camp and I have 4 potential 1-on-1 clients who I’m pretty sure 2 of which will be signing up. I may actually have to start a second boot camp crew because its getting pretty darn full.

I’m really loving this MyFitnessPal app I downloaded to my phone! It synchs all of my food to a food diary online as well. I’ve been hitting my 2100 calorie goal a lot easier now. and to top it off, with healthy choices. I skipped my workout yesterday but today I’m back on track. On deck for today, back, shoulders, stabilization work for my chest, and tri’s. It’s a big one.

Mmmmmmm and today….. VICTORIA’S SECRET SEMI ANNUAL SALE HERE I COME! I totally forgot. Now that I have boobs that can fit in a bra AND look fabulous, I really have an obsession with lingerie.


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