I just sent of the swatch finalization for my suit! So aqua shimmer it is. Next week I’m going to order the stones. I’m thinking of doing something very ocean inspired by way of colors and design. Kinda homage to my Caribbean roots and LA life. I have the design sketched on paper now to actually lay down the stones to see what I’ll need and to give me a guide when I’m placing them on the suit. I’ve always been very artistic, studied art as a kid. I paint as well and my house is filled with my own work. So this is a very cool creative outlet for me to take on.It’s a rest day workout wise. My body needs it. Im feeling a little better today, so I’m thankful about that. I have my boot camp crew later and I cant wait to get those gals rockin and rolling. They inspire me as much as I them, its a great group I have. I need to now have a waiting list unfortunately because I’m at the class limit. I may consider opening another slot in my schedule though to accommodate, I’ll have to see.

I hate turning people away. But I have to also consider not only myself but the quality of work I’m presenting to my current clients at all times.


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