I’m feeling MUCH better today. Thankfully. I realize at right about this point in my prep, I start getting all crazy. This happened the last time, and I’m sure the time before that. I think the hormones of PMS make it worse because in any case I’m ALWAYS super emotional and sensitive about everything around that time. So with the drama of contest prep, it only gets worse lol. Like PMDD, I need that medicine they advertise on TV. Anyways.

On to the next one.

I was supposed to get a refeed this week. But I haven’t had it yet. I wasn’t 100% spot on with the diet – eating an extra tsp of almond butter here or there, air popped popcorn when I ain’t supposed to (just a 100 calorie bag). Had a hot chocolate one day when I went to Starbucks with a friend visiting from NYC. It was a small one. But all that sugar. So I’ve been just completely back on it for the last few days. Still hanging out around 136.6. With 3 weeks left, I started my peak week around the same weight or acutally at 135. So if I can start my peak around 134, then I’ll come in a bit smaller than last time as by the end of it all, I was 132 lbs. So I’m glad to see no damage was done in the frenzy that has been my life.

I’m taking the weekend off to R-E-L-A-X. Clean my apartment. Get my paperwork for Team U officially filled out and sent, sealing this deal with a kiss. Got a workout today. Legs. Then a little posing, then nothing more.


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