Got my suit bottoms back from Amy! 

(Ignore the crap I dumped from my bag on the floor behind me lol.)

She made them a little smaller so that it gives me a nice deeper V front and back. And this is me mid afternoon @4pm.

I’m not holding too much water despite my TOM being on its way this week. So I know with a water drop next week (well water drowning is more like it), I will def get a little leaner. I actually have been having a lot of carbs lately. Sushi, rice, bread etc just trying to keep weight on. Although Erik lowered my carbs diet wise and gave me a refeed day, which I had, I was continuing to lose weight, and honestly, I like my size so I don’t want to get too small, and I also want to stay full. As I said before I backed off my workouts to keep from continuing to drop. But I picked up back up again for this week and next. No cardio really either. I don’t think I’ve been on a cardio machine in over 2 weeks or so. I normally will hit about 10-15 mins or so post workout in the form of intervals.

I’m half way packed. I had/have SO much laundry to do. Still have more. When I travel I just clean house as I pack. So I’m doing both.

But yeah, so 11 days out! The countdown begins. Let’s go! PUMP IT UP!


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