I started noticing how for whatever reasons I always felt a kind of crash after my typical oats/egg whites M1. Like an energy lull after an hour or so, but I’d have my coffee to back me up so it wasn’t too much of a big deal.Although Poliquin suggests actual meat as the protein source due to a possible allergy/sensitivity to eggs that some folks don’t realize they have, I sub in 1 whole egg + 2 or 3 whites and 20g of cashews or almonds (both raw). I don’t have those sensitivities and I really like eggs in the AM. I also have had 3oz of lean beef or chicken with the same amount of nuts (he suggests any kind of lean cut meat). Normally nuts are a huge problem for me because I would get so hungry and they’re grab and go so it was easy to sneak in more than I ever should have been eating on my plan. Now the urge is gone. My carbs are centered around my workouts pre, post, and 2 hours after that. So far so good. I’m where I need to be at the moment, the dieting was getting REALLY tough at this point in my prep. At this degree of leanness and with as many weeks as I have left btw shows, I really need to refeed more often or else the psychological crap starts to mess with me. This new change up has me feeling a little more satiated, energy is good, maintaining leanness, and I know I can have a refeed (a short one) structured in without much damage.

Sorry I’m SUCH a geek when it comes to the training and nutrition.


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