Wow I’m suprised how anxious and excited I am to hit the gym today and start dieting!   I mean who gets HAPPY to be dieting. I’m just excited to see what’s hiding beneath my fluff. Judging from my last post, it’s not excessive fluff, but trust me, my jeans have gotten a weeee bit tight… I had my last forbidden meal yesterday. Shrimp spicey noodles, beef green curry w/ rice, and a spring roll. Loooove Thai food! Alas, no more of that for a little while.

So I woke up at like 5am, and started randomly cleaning my bedroom. And then I watched crime scene docu-dramas that I’m so obsessed with on the ID channel. So now I’m about to hit the gym in a few hours.

My food is all cooked and ready to go! I cooked and stored everything for the week last night. I like to designate Sundays as my day to do all of that. I need to really get a new cooler to store my foods in for the day. I have a nice one, but it’s a little on the big side as I use it for traveling. I’ll just hop on by Walmart or Target today and pick one up.

So as for my diet, I’m going to carb cycle as I prefer to keep carbs in especially since I prefer higher intensity crazy athletic workouts. I start on the lower side earlier in the week (@ 90g), then I have a super low day (@50g), I refeed Thurs (@300g), then Fri-Sun I taper down a bit but keep it relatively constant (@120-130g). For the most part, protein stays constant @ 1xBW, some days I will have just a little more (like on the super low carb days), and fats vary to keep calories up so for now it’s a little on the moderate side. On most days it’s btw 50-60g depending on the pro/carbs, and on my refeed day I prefer to keep the fats super low so it’s about 29g. I’ll adjust the amount as I see how my body responds.

Supps are:
Gaspari Myofusion
Gaspari SuperPump Max (I love this PWO, keeps the energy up)
1200mg Fish Oil – I take about 6g/day
B-Complex – I’ve always taken B vitamins because I just feel more energized during my day and for the host of other benefits from them
Gaspari SizeOn Precontest (on my refeed days and the 2-3 days after that)

I’m being pretty moderate because I don’t like making crazy sudden changes, I want to have energy to train my ass off (I’d rather eat more and be able to train harder – hence create a greater deficit from training), and I will just adjust as my body responds. I’m running roughly about a 20% deficit calorically from maintenance. Training is 5 days. First 2 days depletion workouts (high volume – moderate weights – minimal rest), 3rd day is rest w/ 40 mins SS cardio, Thurs/Fri/Sat heavy/low volume and power, Sunday rest. I have one day of HIIT cardio PWO for 20 mins. So that’s just one hour of cardio/week.  I’m going to get back in the hills with my SS cardio and run. I miss running, and the break from it was needed. The trails are calling me.

So that’s the plan for weeks 1 and 2.

I’ll post up my workout later today!

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