Total Body – Depletion Workout 2 “Vanilla

Flat DB Chest Press
S1 – 15# 25r
S2 – 20# 25r
S3 and 4 – 20# 20 r
–freakin burned like hell–

Seated Cable Row
S1 – 50# 25r
S2 – 60# 20r
S3 and 4 – 70# 20r

Oly Bar Squat
S1 45# 25r
S2 55# 25r
S3 65# 20r
S4 75# 20r

Seated Lat Pull Down
S1 – 50# 25r
S2 – Super wide grip – 50# 25r
S3 – 60# 20r

Seated BB Military Press
3s x 25r 25#
— Burned like HELL —

DB Bi Curl
S1 10# 20r
S2 15# 15r

Rope Tri Ext
S1 40# 25r
S2 40# 20r
— Burned like HELL —

DB Lateral Raise
S1 – 10# 20r
S2 – 10# 15r
— Shoulders crapped out… Burned like HELL —

Monster PUMP!  I mean I feel really damn embarassed posting all these light weights, but hey look it is what it is. Gotta drop that ego so my body can do what it do.

After this workout, I spent about 15 mins on the treadmill doing wind sprints on an incline. So I did about 30s at speeds of 8.0-9.2 uphill to about 7% grade incline. Fun times.


Feeling great.

This evening I went back to the gym simply out of bordem and to meet with some friends for a bit. I ended up doing some unplanned stuff. Hit some new PR’s.

Singles (3 Sets) – 245# – PR
Tripes (2 sets) – 225#
6 reps (2 sets) – 185#

Lat Pull Down
Doubles (2 sets) 135# – PR

LOVE rockin it in the gym. Love it when guys look at you like “Say what now!? Daaaamn” when you lift a weight as heavy as some of them weigh. How amazing is it to be a chick who is strong as a mofo… And hot! lol

Rest day tomorrow! Scheduled for an outdoor run in the hills. Tomorrow it’s going to be in the 70’s, perfect day for an outdoor trek.


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