Some Adjustments – Tying Things Together

Oooook, so my body has started adjusting to my diet. My energy was really high today. Granted I decided to take an off day to reset and let my body do what it needs so I can jam out on my next workout. Tomorrow will be a total body cycle, high intensity with the weights, likely high volume circuits. 

My cardio has also been adjusted as well. My body responds best to HIIT and maybe 1 or 2 SS cardio sessions of about 30 mins tops per week. So I’m back to what makes sense for me. I can’t afford to be screwin around with about 2 weeks left before the show. Keep it constant since this is what works and what makes sense. Ya know.

So anyways. Gosh my car won’t be done til tomorrow! I want to diiiieeeee! Because honestly I have to limit my gym time and adjust it to the goddamn bus schedule. Makes me crazy. But tomorrow it’s back to normal.

Is it Sept 11th yet? My gosh I can’t wait to get back to NY.

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