Keeping Your Head Up When The World Comes Crashing Down Around You….

I’m not sure what’s been in the air lately but I’ve found myself on the end of conversation helping the person confiding in me to find the light at the end of the tunnel.  Maybe it’s a winter thing, maybe a holiday thing, a time that commercials tell us should be joyous, but instead end up being amazing stressors.  Not sure but it makes me think and really dig deep in my own experience to hopefully inspire that other person to just hold on, stay steadfast, and not stress an already hard situation.  The sun always breaks through even the darkest cloud.

I’ve been there before, SEVERAL TIMES during this year.  In the midst of each of my preps, some situation showed up that completely threw me off.  I have been so close to throwing in the towel and just saying F it so many times.  In fact, weeks before Nationals, I almost decided to not do the show at all.  I was tired, overwhelmed with things that had been put aside in order to focus on stepping on stage, just wanting to be normal again despite the commitment I made for myself to step on stage.  What I realized at that moment in my life is that I have a choice.  I can choose to just allow all of the things I had been experiencing that I perceived as negative to get to me, or I can choose to walk with my head high, endure the perceived difficulty in my situation, and just handle everything one at a time without ALLOWING myself to become so overwhelmed I ceased to function.

I obviously chose the latter and came out triumphant.  But the beauty in it all is being able to look back on my success and know the STORY behind that success.  Acknowledging the strength, mentally and emotionally, I gained by not allowing myself to give up on ME.

We all have that thought that when things are perfect I can concentrate.  When things are calm again, only then can I do what I set to accomplish.  But as with life, those moments too are fleeting.  Everything is going well then BANG it all falls to hell yet again.  Then what?  Do you give up, or do you just acknowledge the obstacle, maneuver as best you can around it, then proceed with an acceptance that things are not perfect but you choose not to give up on you.

I’d be lying if I said I don’t have moments like this ALL THE TIME. Because I certainly do.  I’m kind of going through one now.  But I make the choice to put all anxieties aside, walk with my head high, keep focused on what I want my outcome to be, and just proceed as best as I CAN.

No moment will ever be perfect.

The timing will never be JUST right.  But even if it is, the drive to have strength and faith in YOU is the power that will always see you through.

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