You know I have to admit.  I’m very blessed.  I get to wake up every morning, inspire women who travel from all over Los Angeles to see me and work with me, I get to spend the time I personally need both in and out of the gym to achieve the goals in my life.  My bills are paid, food in the fridge, friends and family that bring me joy and support me through the good and bad times.  I’ve been slowly building a global community where I get to educate and inspire women I’ve never even met.  I hit the gym, or the track, or local outdoor playing field to take my body to new limits.  I know what I’M training for, and for me that reason is to be my best.  I train because I’ve been chosen in this life to be an example for others of what a true healthy lifestyle can lead to.  I train because for me being active makes me feel A-L-I-V-E.  Because when I am challenging every muscle fiber in my body to defy space, time, and gravity, I feel like I get to relish in the absolute awe of what our warrior ancestors must have been like as they were forced to fight nature and for sheer survival in the first few evolutions of our species.  I train because it keeps me looking and feeling young.  I always say exercise is the TRUE and only fountain of youth.  I train because in a society where 68% of my fellow Americans are overweight or obese, I am an anomaly.  I train because like Peter Pan I want to live forever, and keep those childlike instincts to play alive forever even as I grow old gracefully.  I train because for me health and exercise has become so ingrained in my life that it is tantamount to walking, breathing, eating, and sleeping.  If today I was told that I could never be active again, I really don’t know what I would do.  And if I had the power in my hands to insure that that never becomes a reality, then I must say I train to preserve my right to stay alive, be well, and be blessed to be mobile.

My train of thought on this topic has greatly evolved over the years.  So many people have come to me with the goal of losing weight.  But now I always counter that with, ok that is science and will inevitably happen when you place new demands on the body and feed it well.  Now, what are you REALLY training for?  There is always a deeper reason than the 5, 10, or 20 lbs someone is focused on shedding.  Many times it’s a matter of life or death.  Very often it’s REALLY about finding love and confidence in oneself that has been lost for far too long.  And always it’s about learning to accept oneself in a society that says that a majority of us are imperfect. 

My point is to ALWAYS, always dig deep.  Because it’s truly when you discover your real motivations that you stick to what you’re setting out to do.  What you must also remember or realize is that progress should come slowly.  The quick solution is never the answer to your quest because if it were, the last time you attempted to reach your goal, you would have succeeded and worked to levels beyond your expectations.  But the reality is that you have to be patient, and you have to focus on ways to make this journey as second nature as I have.  And to do that, it’s going to take time.  Think of this, whatever your age is now, you need to undo and program that amount of time’s worth of a societal conditioning geared toward a less than healthy lifestyle.  Puts it into perspective doesn’t it!  So you see you have to have patience and just keep going.  Always keep sight of the deeper reason because it’s THOSE reasons that will bring you the outcome you seek and more.

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