A Sneak Peek at My Peak Week: Days 5 and 6 Refeed and Preparation

So I had to combine these two days into on super post because I’ve been SO busy getting things in order for the last 2 days.  But all is good, I’m feeling ready to rock and roll tomorrow like never before.

Yesterday’s refeed was a great success.  I was able to fill up and fill out without spilling and looking bloated or watery.  I’m fuller today, drier, looking good.  This was taken this morning:

The carbs were a yummy and welcomed addition to my week.  I had some really great choices.

M1 – Pancakes, Maple syrup, egg whites

M2 – Chicken Breast and Pasta w/ Tomato Basil Sauce

M3 – Chicken Breast and 2 Whole Wheat 8″ Tortillas

M4 – Brown Rice and Tilapia

M5 – Egg Whites and Fish Oil Caps

**2 McDonald’s Fat Free Ice Cream Cones!**  A little treat for myself.  One post workout and one later on in the day.

Altogether my macros hit P-149g F-24g C-259g.

You know as this day comes to a close, I stand in awe of myself.  It took me two months to mold a totally different body.  Two months of precise training, completely specialized and customized diet, and just intelligently applying the science of training and nutrition to my physique.  And the end result is this:

I’m really excited to see how my changes are recieved.  I feel like I finally look like a figure competitor of today’s standard.  Doing this alone is such a challenge, but it’s obviously a challenge I can handle.  Here’s to my ONE YEAR anniversary of hitting the stage.  Finally after 10 years of saying I’d find time for ME and do this, I’ve knocked that goal out of the ballpark, and found something that brings be great passion.

I’m exhausted!  Off to bed, huge day tomorrow…  This story isn’t done yet.



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