Yesterday was leg day. One of my favorite workouts. My main focus for legs is always the elusive glute/ham tie in, and the quad sweep. My legs are naturally very muscularly dense so my workouts tend to focus on really further fine tuning those magic spots.

Here’s what I did:

Freemotion plate loaded squat
2s clean 10 r – 137lbs
+50 lbs (187#) 10 r
+70 lbs (207#) 8r
+90 lbs (227#) 8r
+100 lbs (237#) 8r 
Narrow squat – +100 lbs (237#) 8rx2

Barbell hack squat
55 lbs 10r x 3s
60 lbs 10r x 1s
30 lbs 10r x 2s 
35 lbs 10r x 1s 
35 lbs Single Leg R/L 10r x 1s

Quad Ext
30 lbs 2s x 15r
30 lbs 1s x 20r

125 lbs 8r x 3s

My glutes are saying hello to me this morning. Not too bad, just enough to know I hit them well. Today is back day 2, with shoulders.

Christmas is only a few short days away. I’m staying in LA, I don’t do winter. Unless it’s in Aspen or Vail lol. One of my clients gave me a bag of salted caramels. Yuuummy. I hate how slow it is at the end of the year. I like to stay busy and engulfed in work and life. So slowing down isn’t something I do very well. In any case I’ve been making my time productive by looking into some new programs and events I’m launching in January for my business. January is the biggest month of the year in the fitness industry and I’m excited to work with some more new clientele. Operation inspiration in full swing.

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